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Friday, 6 January 2012

Toronto Returns to Being a First Class City

    Having attended numerous Lectio Divina sessions, and a lecture at Newman House presented by Archbishop Thomas Collins, I can honestlty say that I feel that I know the man. I do not know him as a friend, but as a shepherd who has done a very admirable job, in Canada's largest diocese.
    And so, it was with great pleasure and excitement that I learned this morning that Arcbishop Collins would soon be made a Cardinal of the Catholic Church. This is thundering news for us Toronto Catholics, and for all Canadian Catholics for that matter.
    Imagine! Cardinal Collins will be electing our next pope, and Toronto is now home to a Prince of the Church. This returns our city to its former level, and all Torontonians should be honoured by this announcement from Rome. Toronto may be home to the Gay Pride Parade, but now it is also home to one of the Cardinals of the Catholic Church. This certainly evens the scale a bit. I feel better already about my city, and as the days pass, and I get to hear the new Cardinal preach, I am certain that I will beam with pride at the fact that I am a member of the largest diocese in Canada, and that I am being led by a most competent Prince of the Church.
    May God be with you, Cardinal Collins, and may the angels guide you in carrying out the most important job in Canada. May Saint Michael guide and protect you, and may you shine with the blinding light of Christ, here in the most beautiful land on earth!

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