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Monday, 14 May 2012

Mothers are the backbone of Conquest

     Friday evening, the Milton Conquest team presented MomsQuest, in the form of a dinner for the mothers, and in some cases, grandmothers of the members of the club. The event turned out to be doubly effective, because it also happened to be Mother's Day weekend.
     The dinner was organized by regional supervisor Carl Pinto, and the Milton Club supervisor, Marvin Duarte. Carl's son, Ryan and Marvin's son, Nathan made lively presentations outlining the nature of Conquest, and many of the benefits they had personally enjoyed as members. It was obvious that the mothers appreciated this input very much.
     MomsQuest was a remarkable evening in every respect. The boys were beaming with pride resulting from having their mothers present, and from having the chance to sit beside them at a dinner sponsored by their club.
     Boys in Conquest are often picked up and hustled off by their mothers after the meetings, but they seldom get the chance to show them what Conquest is all about. MomsQuest is the perfect opportunity for the latter. Moms got to see their sons serving, and cleaning tables, and relating to other boys of their age in a social situation, and the mothers' approval of these activities was obvious.
     It has often been said that a mother's heart is a boy's real classroom, and this axiom came to life at the MomsQuest dinner. The boys were on stage so to speak, and they shone with pride and excitement. Whatever Conquest is, it has the boys' mothers to thank for it. They are the true heart and soul of Conquest, and the MomsQuest dinner was a well deserved tribute to their commitment to and love of the Conquest concept.
     The dinner also demonstrated just how strong the ties between mothers and sons really are.
     Later on in the weekend, I overheard my seven-year-old grandson telling his neighbours about his experience at MomsQuest, and what he said revealed a great deal to me.
     "Guess what I did Friday night," he asked.
     "What was that, Charles?" asked Brian, his neighbour.
     "We had a dinner at Conquest for our moms, and we got to feed them and sit beside them. We cleaned up the tables, and they didn't have to do a thing. It was the best Conquest ever!"
     And so the fathers and sons got to show off a bit, and the mothers got the opportunity to sit back and take in the magic and respect that is the Boys' Conquest Club.
     This is the same magic they see on their boys' faces every Conquest Friday evening, when they come home tired, sweaty and radiating the joy of Christ.
     This is also the same respect for the Catholic Church which they see in their boys when they attend Mass or go to confession, and the same appreciation they demonstrate when they meet a priest on the street, or at the mall.
     I was sold on Conquest from the very first meeting I attended with my grandsons. After MomsQuest, I got the feeling that the moms were all sold on Conquest too.
     And that is a very, very good thing.