Your Eminence Cardinal Collins,
It was with grave concern that my wife and I heard of the passing of Bill 13 by the Ontario Government of Dalton McGuinty. We feel that this action is a transgression on our religious freedom as Roman Catholics in the province of Ontario. Please invoke Section 93 of the Constutional Act of 1867, and reject Bill 13. Furthermore, we feel that we have been betrayed by the McGuinty Government, and we will trust it no longer.
As a volunteer at Conquest activities for young Catholic boys in Milton, I have seen the positive results of the teaching of virtues and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It would break my heart to see these results eroded by a law which is designed to promote propaganda in our schools, sooner or later.
Our governmnt has let us down and no longer has the right to be called a leader. It is time for the Catholic Church to take over, and we are behind you 100%. You and this cause will remain in our prayers.
Yours in Christ,
Rod and Louise McDonald