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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Two Domes on the day of election

Two Domes

While I was working out at the gym, I noticed that the panel on CNN had the Capitol dome as their background, while another station had placed St. Peter's dome in Rome as its backdrop.

I couldn't help marveling at the vast difference between these two domes, not necessarily physically, but more so in the messages coming out out each venue.

Washington is now the major player in the culture of death, seemingly using abortion as its solution to all the world's problems. Obama and Clinton make no secret about their desire to push abortion on all the third world countries, while at home they continue to finance Planned Parenthood whose main function is to provide abortions.

The Vatican on the other hand is diametrically opposed to anything which does not support life from conception to death. It also refuses to acknowledge same sex marriage because it is unnatural and does not lead to progeny. Washington is now pushing same sex marriage so hard that President Obama is trying to influence individual states to change their laws even though this will contradict the Defense of Marriage Act. Obama has said that our notion of marriage is basically out of date and has to be changed.

The dome in Washington is supposed to represent freedom of religion, but Obama has introduced legislation to force Catholic employers to provide their employees with contraceptive drugs and abortion pills.

The dome of St. Peter's is supposed to represent a culture of life as realized through 200 years of tradition and scripture and the guidance of the Magisterium. And it does.