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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Justin Trudeau is the new commissioner for Canada's Thought Police

     Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau recently took over the undisputed leadership of Canada's thought police when he brought forth his pompous edict stating that only pro-abortionists need apply for the Liberal Party.
     Liberals are people who don't give a hoot what you do, as long as it is mandated. Now they have brought their hypocrisy one step further to include thought and conscience. And Canada's petit Napoleon is leading the charge.
     Some of the untouchable areas which the Thought Police patrol are the incessant persecution of the Christian religion, the right to abortion without limits, gay marriage, animal rights and the sanctity of the environment, even at the expense of humans, among other great progressive causes.
     Islam is treated with respect, as should all religions; however, Jesus is ridiculed, and his name is used in vain and dragged through the mud repeatedly by the press and Hollywood. And this is seen as the proper thing to do because Christianity, and especially the Catholic Church promote traditional concepts of marriage and abortion. In addition to this, by their very nature, Christians are willing to put up with the unrelenting persecution and hypocrisy.
    If you dare to defend traditional marriage, you are labelled a bigot, a racist and a homophobe, whatever that term means. Give it a few years and you could be thrown in jail for a race crime. Criticize our lack of any abortion law in Canada, and you will be labelled a bigot. And they call this progressive. Who says that liberals do not label people? I thought that domain was reserved for so-called red necks.
     Thomas Cardinal Collins got it right when he stated that Saint Thomas More, the patron saint of politicians, ended up dying at the hands of his king because he stuck to his beliefs and his integrity. He was the King's good servant, but God's first.
     Perhaps the good cardinal is implying that Justin Trudeau could be painted as a mini Henry VIII, since both he and Henry could not handle obeying the edicts of the Holy Catholic Church (mostly concerning sex), and both men took it upon themselves to push through their own agenda with great disregard for personal religious conviction, and freedom to express it.
     But make no mistake. Justin Trudeau is no king! He is sniffing for votes, like a rat in an alley, especially in  Quebec where the mainline religion is NHL hockey, and the Catholic Church is well on its way to becoming a mere afterthought. Sports fanatics have even begun to apply Jesus' name to the Canadiens' goalie, and this is done publicly, and with great approval. This is a step too far. Would that God would punish the Habs for this hubris, but I dare not ask this. Perhaps New York will do that job for us.
     The NDP (No Damn Principles) is doing well in Quebec with its abortion agenda, and secular causes, and so, Justin is pulling up from the rear. It is ironic and very sad that a Catholic should be the one to dump this edict on aspiring politicians who might like to have the opportunity to rise in the ranks of the Liberal Party of Canada, but cannot because of their deeply held religious and moral convictions.
     Justin's father stated that the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. One would hope that his son might have the vision, intelligence, and generosity to accept an extension of that concept:
    The state has no business telling people what to think or believe.