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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Why the Americans have us beaten

     I was watching the March for Life on the Eternal Word Television Network yesterday, and I was astonished at the the true grit and commitment of the public figures who got up to speak in front of the Capitol in Washington DC. These people did not mince their words as they spoke in front of a line of grim women holding up signs proclaiming: "I Regret My Abortion." There were Senators and Congressmen from all over the United States, and they were proud to tell the crowd exactly whom they were representing. It sounded like a roll call at a national political convention. And I was struck by the fact that many of them spoke with southern drawls, not the Bostonian accents of so-called Irish Catholic New England.
     One of them was the Speaker of the House, and he was very proud to announce that he was totally against abortion, in all shapes and forms, and that his party (Republicans) would be putting all its energy behind a drive to limit abortions in America. It was raining hard, but I am certain that he had tears in his eyes as he spoke. Now, we do not see this kind of guts from our politicians in Canada, because, as you proably already know, Canada is a politically correct society, known the world over for its so-called fairness and equality. We are a progressive society, not held back by the antiquated notions of our forefathers. Canadians do not want to upset anybody or anything, including the dogs. In being so tolerant and considerate of others' feelings, however, many Canadians upset people in the silent majority like me, who are torn apart by the amount of babies being killed every day, paid for by public funds.
     Another politician at the gathering, a US Senator, stated that Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion president the USA has ever had, and that if he were to be given a second mandate, there would be no limit to the legislation and appointments to the Supreme Court, all in favour of extending abortion rights and further denying the rights of the pre-born to enter this planet, and have a life of their own. As one Senator put it, "How can you protect yourself when you're dead?"
     I am currently reading Pat Buchanan's "Suicide of a Superpower," in which he states that Barack Obama beat out Hillary Clinton for support of the abortion rights industry when he was competeing in the Democratic presidential primaries. That really says something about his commitment to the culture of death. After all, he beat out Hillary Clinton, a feminist of the first order. When John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the first Catholic to be elected to the presidency, he received four out of every five Catholic votes. Barack Obama, a known pro-abortion candidate, got a lot of those Catholic votes when he was elected president. Where have all the Catholics gone?
     As the demonstrations continued in the drizzle in Washington (it always rains for pro-life rallies because heaven is crying), I could not help but feeling a bit envious that I was not an Amercan citizen.
     If I were, I would have a choice about where to put my allegiances, and it would be a much better choice than the Liberals, who represent everyone and anything, and the NDP who seem to be dancing to any tune which the gay lobby and the abortionists want to play these days. The Conservatives are at least slightly socially conservative, but that's about it. Don't ask them to re-open the abortion debate as the the Republicans want to re-open Roe vs Wade. The USA is an entirely different ballgame.
     Down there, they play for keeps. Just like the abortion industry up here.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Vatican II and the decline of our Church

     I was just reading Pat Buchanan's "Suicide of a Superpower" and he claims that many of our current problems may well be traced back to Vatican II. This is a very new notion to me, but the more I read about it, the more I am convinced.
     It seems most probable that modernizing the liturgy, conducting mass in vernacular languages, discarding old traditions and engaging the world may well have done a lot of the damage. I personally never liked using English because I was an altar boy for many years, and I got very used to the beauty and timelessness of Latin.
     If the Council of Pope John XXIII was the object of a succesful attack by Modernist leaders, it was very successful indeed. The Church is chock full of so-called Catholics who do not beleive in the sanctity of traditional marriage and have little problem with abortion. Just look at Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden for example. There are also many Catholics who do not believe in the real presence of Christ. What is more worrying is that many of these people are now teaching in our Catholic schools!
     I have the greatest respect and admiration for Pope John XXIII; however, I do agree that once we opened the doors to the liberal thinkers, the Church would never be the same. And it continues to lose its grip on tradition, especially in Europe, where Catholics hate to be told anything.
     I personally will remain a traditionalist until the day I die. I am not here to judge others, but I do believe in good example and speaking your mind. Thank God we have writers like Michael Coren around, and superlative Cardinals like Cardinal Collins of Toronto to lead us in the traditional direction, the direction of Christ, and Peter.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tim Tebow's powerful message

     NFL football quarterback Tim Tebow has all the sports world a-twitter because of his up-front pride in his personal relationship to Jesus Christ, and his stance on clean living. He believes in chastity before marriage, the importance of fatherhood and the traditional family, and he is not afraid to talk about it, and live it. All of this has, of course, rankled the left-leaning world of entertainment, of which pro sports is a member in good standing. Sports panelists don't know what to make of this guy, but after a lot of head scratching and sarcasm, they finally get the picture. Tim Tebow is for real.
     Something else which bothers the sports world is Tim's habit of going down on one knee, and praying to God after a touchdown. He has been mimicked and teased, and even the players who habitually do their own little post-touchdown dramatic monologue, which nobody understands or cares to, have given him a hard time. Perhaps they are envious of Tim's sincerity and lack of irony.
     All of this is nothing new. In baseball, Albert Pujols, and many others make the sign of the cross during the game, especially before going up to bat. He gets little flak for this, because many people have no idea of the significance or meaning of this action. Perhaps Pujols is asking Jesus to protect him from the ball. Perhaps he is asking Jesus to take him in his arms in the event that he is killed by the ball. Who knows? But he does it quickly, and many do not even notice the gesture. This is what he choses to do, and it is fine. I am certain many people think he is asking God to let him hit a home run. I really doubt it.
     But Tim Tebow actually mouths prayers which are clearly visible, although not audible on television. He may be thanking Jesus for his God-given talents, or perhaps he is simply demonstrating who is really the boss of his team. Whatever the case, Tim Tebow has done an awful lot to publish the power of positive thinking, faith in God, and the beauty of humility. He goes down on one knee as a humble man, not as a show-off doing some sort of rhythmic egocentric dance in honour of oneself. To tell you the truth, these little theatrical improvs in honour of oneself unsettle me. They have, in my opinion, belittled the NFL, and have made it more of a side-show as compared to the old days when men simply scored, and then went back to the bench to shake hands with their coach and fellow players.
     What Tim Tebow has done is bring prayer to the forefront, and he has done it with a dignity, and a perseverance which just has to be based in a very deep faith in Jesus Christ. Imagine the effect this must be having on teenagers who have never seen a professional football player kneel down in prayer. "What is he doing?" they must ask themselves.
     They have witnessed baseball players cupping their hands, and looking up towards the heavens in thanks after hitting a home run, but this is altogether different. It takes guts and focus to stop everything and get down on one knee to pray to God in thanksgiving in front of a secular crowd, which has little stomach for spiritual activity.
     We Catholics have some notion of humility because we go down on two knees and bow very low when we are in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament. The only difference is that I get much more satisfaction kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament than Tim Tebow does when he kneels in front of a crowd after a touchdown. I'm certain of that.
     Kudos to Tim Tebow for showing us how important his faith is to him and those around him. He is a leader on the field, and also off the field. His message is as loud and clear as the thundering cheers he gets after scoring a touchdown in Denver, and even though the numbers of Biblical verses are no longer written on his eye-black, because it is now illegal to do so, it is obvious to the whole world when he kneels down to pray what Tim Tebow is trying to say.
     It is written on his face and on his heart, where the same message of the Good News of Christ should reside in all Christians. It is written in the example he gives to young people and in the way he accepts the leadership of the Prince of Peace, even though he enters a violent battle every time he plays a game.
     Thanks, Tim. Thanks for showing us who you really are.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Toronto Returns to Being a First Class City

    Having attended numerous Lectio Divina sessions, and a lecture at Newman House presented by Archbishop Thomas Collins, I can honestlty say that I feel that I know the man. I do not know him as a friend, but as a shepherd who has done a very admirable job, in Canada's largest diocese.
    And so, it was with great pleasure and excitement that I learned this morning that Arcbishop Collins would soon be made a Cardinal of the Catholic Church. This is thundering news for us Toronto Catholics, and for all Canadian Catholics for that matter.
    Imagine! Cardinal Collins will be electing our next pope, and Toronto is now home to a Prince of the Church. This returns our city to its former level, and all Torontonians should be honoured by this announcement from Rome. Toronto may be home to the Gay Pride Parade, but now it is also home to one of the Cardinals of the Catholic Church. This certainly evens the scale a bit. I feel better already about my city, and as the days pass, and I get to hear the new Cardinal preach, I am certain that I will beam with pride at the fact that I am a member of the largest diocese in Canada, and that I am being led by a most competent Prince of the Church.
    May God be with you, Cardinal Collins, and may the angels guide you in carrying out the most important job in Canada. May Saint Michael guide and protect you, and may you shine with the blinding light of Christ, here in the most beautiful land on earth!