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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Two tragedies...One covered, One hidden

     The Newtown tragedy was covered by the press as it should have been. This horrible tragedy was examined on television, radio, the internet, and most obviously by the newspapers. No stone was left unturned.
     President Obama used its impact to try to sell his gun control legislation. He spoke of the children and how society owed it to them to protect them and make certain they would not be hurt again. He spoke to the nation surrounded by children who seemed to be pleading with the public with their eyes.
     At about the same time, the trial of an abortion doctor began in the United States. The list of atrocities committed in his abortion facility are too gruesome to list here. But some people believe that up to three hundred babies may have been murdered by this doctor and his assistants.
     These babies were post abortive in the sense that they had been delivered and then murdered. These are called late term abortions or partial birth abortions. As the details of the trail emerged, there was a vast silence in the media. Newspapers refused to cover it. Television was eerily silent. We heard nothing form the president or any of his cronies. The abortion industry ran for cover.
     What this tells me is that we live in a sick society. It is fine to poilticise and publicize tragedies which have been deemed politically acceptable to cover, but the deaths of so many babies in a scenario reminiscent of Hitler's ovens is untouchable.
     The hypocrisy is obvious. The sickness is evident. The killing goes on.


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