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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Justin Trudeau's Canada is not my Canada

     Justin Trudeau seems quite miffed by Stephen Harper's boogey-man, right wing government. He claims that Mr. Harper is bent on abolishing abortion rights and same sex marriage. I wish!
      But that's beside the point. What Justin Trudeau fails to grasp is that there are thousands and thousands of people (Christians, Muslims and Jews) out there who would be very happy to see these changes happen as soon as possible. Just because these Canadians are not as vocal as the liberal elite does not mean that they do not exist. They are quiet, but they are committed to the truth about respect for human life, and they will never give in, least of all in the face of threats of separation from a pseudo-intellectual liberal who believes the world revolves around his philosophy.
     If one were to listen to Mr. Trudeau, one might come to the conclusion that he actually believes that his notion of Canada is the one and only one to which any red blooded Canadian might subscribe. This type of tunnel vision is very typical of the liberal upper crust. They have a vision which is entirely made up in their heads, and they defend that vision to the hilt. It almost become a religion in its own right.
     To add insult to injury, Justin Trudeau threatens to join the ranks of the Quebec separatists like a spoiled child who runs home with his ball when things do not go his way. If he thinks Quebec is all that liberal, or should I say 'progressive,' he is dead wrong.
     Quebec is a distinct society, which has shown its xenophobia on many occasions. Just because it has left the Catholic Church in droves, many people assume that Quebec has dropped many so-called archaic views. If we take a closer look, we will see that Quebec will allow immigrants, but they had better follow the rules or else. We have no such attitude here in Ontario. Perhaps Mr. Trudeau should have chosen Ontario as the province to secede from Confederation because the government in Ottawa does not live up to his ideals of an egalitarian society.
     Mr. Trudeau should love Ontario. It is secular, most 'progressive' when it comes to abortion and gay rights, and it treats its immigrants fairly and equally.
The only problem is Ontario does not want to leave Canada, and there goes the threat he loves to shake over Canadians' heads.
     The most difficult part of all of this for me to swallow is the fact that Justin Trudeau is Catholic. Perhaps he should go back and read his cathechism. There is a new version, which has just been released for young people in search of the truth. It would be most suitable for him.

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